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Nikko's Spicy Specialty "Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi"

Yunishi-gawa's Spicy Specialty -Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi

This ultimate Japanese spice mixture, made of 10 healthy ingredients including red chili pepper and "sansho" Chinese pepper, combines the healing effects of traditional "Yakuzen" medicinal food dishes using herbs grown deep in the mountains with rich, exquisite flavors.


870 yen (including tax) 22g

"The condiment has a wonderful flavor, and when used in soups, cooked food or grilled dishes, has a wonderful relaxing effect."
These are just a couple of the many wonderful comments we have received from customers who have tried our special spice mixture. If only you could sample it over the Web.

The Healing Power of the Mountains in a Can

The Healing Power of the Mountains in a Can

All-Natural Ingredient 10 Carefully Selected Medicinal Herbs Mixed to Make a Great Condiment

The sansho pepper tree, which grows indigenously in Yunishi-gawa, a hot spring village 20 km north of the city of Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture, is known to produce high-quality nuts that though small produce a highly aromatic bouqet. Our Jumi Togarashi spice mixture contains plenty of sansho and other ingredients found in the traditional "shichimi togarashi (seven-flavor spice)" as well as the leaves and seeds of egoma (perilla), yuzu (Citrus junos), shiso (beefsteak plant), Chinese herbal medicines and other ingredients not typically included in commonly available shichimi, which are usually very spicy. Consequently, our Jumi mixture is enormously flavorful and nutritious, with health-boosting potential.

Expected Medicinal Benefits of Ingredients of Jumi Togarashi:

Sansho (Zanthoxylum piperitum)

stomachic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anthelmintic, effective for gastroptosis and gastrectasia.

Egoma(Perrila frutescens var. japonica)

rich in protein, fibers, calcium, could improve cancer and atopic dermatitis.

Shiso (Perrila frutescens var. crispa)

antipyretic, antitussive, analgesic, effective for bronchitis and gastroenteritis, detoxicant

Chimpi (citrus unshiu peel)

stomachic, carminative (relieving flatulence), expectorantKeshi

Keshi (poppy seeds)

rich in calcium and minerals, discharge

Togarashi (red chili pepper)

sudorific (induce perspiration), anti-fat, effective for gastralgia (stomachache), dyspepsia, tonsillitis

Kuro Goma (black sesame)

nutritional fortification, detoxication, helps people of frail constitution and recovery from illness, effective for constipation

Shiro Goma (white sesame)

nutritional fortification, detoxication, helps people of frail constitution and recovery from illness, effective for constipation

Asa no Mi (hemp nuts)

ffective for growth deficiency, dermatitis

Aonori (green laver)

contains a large amount of minerals

The ingredients of the Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi spice mixture are believed to strengthen the immune system, according to a Chinese herbal medicine dictionary. A combination of these ingredients is also expected to relieve stress.

Story of "Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi"

The story of Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi, our pepper-based special spice, started when the 24th Okami of Honke Bankyu Bankyu Ryokan, a time-honored, three-century old Japanese inn, the oldest in the Shimotsuke region (currently Tochigi Prefecture), asked herself what kind of regional specialty could be offered to make customers happy.

Yunishi-gawa is located deep in the mountains of Nikko and as a major tourist attraction is known for its splendid autumnal foliage and clear natural water, which can be best enjoyed at places off the beaten track. The high altitude leads to wide differences in temperature between morning and evening, and also between the seasons, heightening the beauty of autumn and the flavor of the "sansho" berry of the prickly-ash trees (Zanthoxylum piperitum) that grow in the region.

One secret recipe for a sansho-based spice mixture has been handed down for generations at Honke Bankyu Bankyu Ryokan, which has been in business for more than 300 years dating back to the feudal Edo period.

Story of Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi

I remembered this secret recipe when I was looking for an idea for a good souvenir our guests can take with them, something reminiscent of the inn and the soothing, calm serenity of the region.

I immediately started creating a new spice mixture based on this traditional recipe by adding ingredients known to have medicinal benefits, such as the seeds and berries of "shiso" (beefsteak plant), "yuzu" (Citrus junos) and "egoma" (perilla). I decided to create a new 10-flavor spice containing sansho as a key ingredient and to offer it as a table condiment in a convenient small can. But it took me 40 long years of trial and error to develop a really satisfying blend. The new 10-spice mix, dubbed "Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi," was thus born.

The product has proven to be immensely popular among guests. In fact, we found it impossible to fill all the orders coming in while also handling day-to-day inn operations. But my days of frustration in not being unable to meet the demand are over now that my two daughters have taken over the spice operations.
Moreover, my elder daughter has further refined the flavor of the mixture I invented, while my younger daughter has developed an attractive package and design for the product. Both have thus completed and commercialized the new recipe developed through many years of effort to improve on a traditional recipe that has been handed down for generations.

Most of our guests who try this condiment in their breakfasts or dinners at our inn immediately take a liking to the product and buy it as a souvenir. We have also been flooded with new orders from repeat buyers who have run out of stock. Since the product is made by hand, output is unfortunately limited. But it does allow us to deliver freshly blended products with a crisp flavor directly to our customers. We invite you to try what we feel is the ultimate Japanese condiment, chock full of the healing energy of the mountains.

Suggestions for using "Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi"

Suggestions for using Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi

Sprinkle the mixture over hot soups and dishes and enjoy its superb aroma.
For cold noodles, sprinkle the mixture directly over noodles rather than putting it into the soup.
The mixture also goes beautifully with natural salt. Try eating light-flavor foods like tofu with just this mixture and salt.
Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi also goes well with grilled, cooked and fried food. Use it for yakitori (grilled chicken), baked fish and sauteed pork or beef. It is also a great substitute for hot sesame oil in jiao-zi.

Suggestions for using Yakuzen Jumi Togarashi

Yakuzen Sanmi Diet Togarashi

Diet Sanmi Togarashi

When you need to invigorate and energize yourself, try the power of togarashi contained in this new Chinese noodle product.
An entirely new way to enjoy Chinese noodles: a healthy, tasty and bold new recipe.
During the fight for India’s independence, Mahatma Gandhi always kept red chili pepper on hand as a source of vigor and energy.
Red chili peppers are drawing increasing attention among weight-conscious people because they are believed to promote energy metabolism and have weight-reducing effects.

Several kinds of the highest-quality red chili peppers, including a very hot coarsely ground spice, are blended with freshly ground sesame and green dried laver (aonori) to produce a rich and delicate flavor for this product.

This is a surprisingly tasty and quite healthy new ramen recipe.

The mixture can also be used to flavor and spice up Italian noodles, fried Chinese noodles and curry.

New ideas for using this versatile condiment can expand your culinary repertoire. Enjoy the hot, spicy Oriental flavor that invigorates and enriches the taste of a wide range of dishes.


760 yen per 30-gram can (including tax)


Honke Bankyu Ryokan


※ Our spices are only sold locally and we don't do international shipping.

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